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Astrologer Jane presents workshops at different levels and upon request.


Please contact her to bring her into your town, Wellbeing Centre, Astrological Society or private space.

ASTRO BASIC – One Day Course

This workshop is a highly practical introduction to the basics of astrology, delivered through a day of fun, on-our-feet processes, decision-making exercises and storytelling.

Participants will learn about the contrasting approaches to life taken by the various star signs and about the effects of the planets on events in their lives. The take-away benefits include greater self-acceptance, better timing of decisions and a clearer relationship with others.

It is not necessary to have a knowledge of astrology to attend this course.



This workshop seeks to put us back in relationship with our spiritual path by putting us back in relationship with ourselves, using practical astrology.

Personal relationships are built up and expressed through a loving relationship with ourselves; yet most of us have a tendency to place responsibility for a part of ourselves in the hands of another person, be it boss, friend, lover or community member. This hands-on astrology workshop will reclaim the power of the planetary energies that we give away!

We will get to know the ancient astrology behind “Venus the Morning Star” and “the Goddess Moon”, which rule our values and our gut (sometimes our knee-jerk) responses; and we will use dramatic role playing to through a laughter-filled and self-accepting light on our inner contradictions, with time for individual work and discussion.

The workshop concludes with process to recover our higher relationship – to Spirit.



Most people know that astrology signs govern particular areas of our physical bodies (and the earth). However, when planetary aspects and the qualities of the planets themselves join the dance, such knowledge can uncover the subtle tendencies of the flesh to undo itself and, by implication, the remedies and moderations that may assist us.

This is a workshop that asks us to think holistically about our charts and to share our perceptions. It is a Mind Body Spirit uncovering of the world of astrological diagnosis!

Participants will need to bring along an accurate astrology chart.



A RETREAT:  Uranus and Astonishment; Pluto and the Vehicle; Neptune and the Glory.

These are hard core workshops, designed for those with a knowledge of astrology and who are prepared to go further into the Mystery Schools associated with the planets. Workshop candidates will need to apply for participation and the workshop sessions must be taken in the order given.


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