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Jane is an astrologer with over 35 years of practice. She is also steeped in the language of traditional wisdom.

A reading with Jane serves as a powerful psychological profile and a tool for timing, and is a wonderful introduction to the spiritual development that follows from an understanding of astrology and the cycles of the planets.


Astrology Charts – in person:

  • A two hour, face-to-face reading plus chart: $220
  • An update for returning clients: $190
  • Composite and synastry between two charts:
    • new clients $250
    • returning  $200


By post:

  • A reading of the natal chart on CD.

One hour posted: $220

A follow-up telephone call of half an hour is included, where practicable.

  • Returning clients.

One hour posted with phone call: $190


To arrange a reading

Contact Jane. Please include a paragraph on why you might like a reading at this time.

If a CD is required, include your address. Jane will forward her bank details for your transfer.



Enquiries without obligation are welcome.

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Astrologer Jane

“Jane’s charts and astrological analysis are my constant guide and roadmap.”

Tracy Milenko, Managing Director
(Walkin’ Promotions)

“After 20 years of extraordinary readings, I remain in awe of Jane’s insight.”

Peter Sheehan,
Illustrator and Storyboard Artist

“Jane has introduced us both to the practical side of astrology and has saved from a lot of worry. She is a fixture in our lives now.”

Sam and Tim Raynolds,
cattle farmers